Before you ask us

Frequently asked questions


We offer two year warranty on all our products.

How can I pay

You can pay only by bank transfer. After your order is prepared to be shipped, you are asked for the payment. As soon as you confirm the payment, the parcel is shipped to your delivery address.
When sending your payment order, please use “bank account target 2 (EHP)”

What if my GliderPyjamas does not fit?

We offer warranty of pyjamas shape. If pyjamas does not fit exactly we fix it for free.

Is the shipping included in advertised price?

No, shipping is extra and is estimated according to the country of delivery.


We use services of the Czech Post or GLS service. Prices depend on weight and price of your order as well as the country of delivery.

What is included in my parcel?

Your goods, guarantee license, maintenance manual and advices for use.