Allweather outdoor covers

Dear customers,

We would like to thank you for your favor in last 2 years when we produced record number of cover sets. At the moment, we have to discontinue the production due to maternity leave. We look forward to providing our best services again in spring 2019! Your Glider Pyjamas Team!

well proven, durable and competitive allweather outdoor covers

GliderPyjamas outdoor covers

Main features
  • Protect the surfaces from rain and UV radiation
  • 6000mm water column.
  • Air permeability 6000 g/m2/24h
  • Tensile strength 1400 N
  • weight 140g/m2 (top surface layer)
  • Two years warranty (material and stitching degradation) for all covers.
GliderPyjamas outdoor covers - LS1-f
GliderPyjamas outdoor covers - LS1-f tail solution
GliderPyjamas outdoor covers - LS1-f - aileron end panel
Supported types:

LS1f, LS3, LS4, LS6, LS8, Discus b, DuoDiscus, ASK13, ASW15, ASW19, ASW20, Astir CS, Twin Astir, Ventus2cx, Ventus b,c, HpH 304 Shark, VSO10, L13, L23, Dynamic, BergFalke, DG200, Kestrel
other types on demand


Outdoor covers

789 Euro

  • Price for 15m span, ask for more
  • Standard outdoor covers

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  • Extra fee for each meter of wingspan (single seater) 30€/m 
  • Solar window 30€
  • Competition number 20€