Indoor covers


Why to use GliderPyjamas indoor covers?
  • Protect the surface of your glider from dust, bird and bat excrements.
  • Protect the surfaces from damaging while manipulating the glider
  • Two years warranty for all covers. Warranty refers to material and stitching degradation.
Package includes

Package of indoor covers include wings, elevator, ruder, fuselage and canopy cover. With extra fee you can get a window for solar cell and other options. For more information don’t hesitate and ask us via the contact form.

  • extra fee for competition number or any other ironed sign up to 50cm width 20€
  • extra fee for solar window 30€
Supported types
  • Schempp-Hirth: Cirrus std., Discus b, 2b, 2c, Ventus b, c, 2c, 2cx, 2cxa, MiniNimbus, Janus, Nimbus, Duo Discus, Arcus
  • Grob: Astir CS, Twin Astir I, II, III
  • Alexander Schleicher: ASW-15, ASW-19, ASW-20, ASG29, ASH25 EB, ASK13, ASK21, K6
  • Rolladen Schneider: LS1-f, LS-3, LS-4, LS-6, LS-8
  • DG: 100, 200, 300, 800, 1000
  • Other plane types: VSO-10, Cobra, Alliance 34, Kestrel, Jantar 2B, JS1, Bocian, VT16, VT116, PW-5, L-13 Blanik, L-23, H303 Mosquito, Pégase, Bergfalke, L-33, KKB15/18, Vega, TST14 Bonus
  • Airplanes: Dynamic, MAT 20, Falke, Faeta, Z126, 226, 526, 726, Z142, Cirrus, NG5
  • and others….
elevator indoor cover - Cirrus
joining of wing covers - Cirrus
Canopy indoor cover - Cirrus
aplication of older version of indoor covers on VSO-10

Pricing indoor covers

Up to 15m span

299 Eur

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Up to 18m span

339 Eur

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Double seater

359 Eur

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Canopy cover

Canopy cover is included in indoor covers package, but it may be ordered separately.

Price – canopy cover single seat: 69 Eur

Price – canopy cover multi seat: 119 Eur